My Chinese name is Tianhua Duan, and usually people call me Timothy. My home town is in Hubei, but I went to Shenyang to study and work. I had been a teacher at Northeast University for 10 year, and was promoted to Associate Professor. In 1997, I came to ASU, Dept of Mech and Aerospace, to study for my PhD. There I believed Jesus and went to Bible seminary in 2003 after I graduated, and later began to serve in the churches.
In 2010, our church, the Church in Hamilton, acquired an old factory building to convert it as our church meeting hall. Because I served full time in the church and had much engineering background, our church asked me to supervise the overall project (the construction budget was over $1,000,000). To find a proper contractor, we spent much time time and energy. Eventually we picked up Bob as our General Contractor. We selected him for good reasons:
  1. Our project planner Allen Schectel, former Hamilton Township planner, strongly recommend him, and said he is the best ever contractor. Allen is a very reliable person. He had worked with us for two years (then), and we trust him.
  2. All Bob's reference gave him very high recommendations. When I called them, they gave me many details, and some just said:"you will really be happy and feel easy if you have him, go get him".
  3. In the bidding process, his proposal had all the details, much much more than others. Almost all other contractors gave us bids with lower prices, but refused to give us detailed price, and would not promise a cap of cost.
  4. He is very flexible. We asked him to give HVAC subcontract to our church member, he agreed. But our church brother can't do the work at the same price listed on his proposal. We felt his proposal had not much "water" in it, and was honest.
When I sent the building plan to Hamilton Township for approval and told them our contractor was Bob, the officials said we made a really wise decision.
Construction was a happy process. He did everything according to design, and gave many good suggestions to reduce cost and improve the quality (with approval of architect Shean Wang). One detail I would let you know: his workers all worked for him many many years with loyalty. His master worker Adam has worked for him for 18 years.
The construction was all done and the occupancy permit was acquired in 6 months. The total over budget was less than 10%, all caused because of required and approved changes. After the work done, he also fixed all minor defects we found, with no murmuring or any requests. We become friends and still keep really good relationship. Our church promised that if we do another contraction work, we will give the contract to him.
In general, I strongly recommend him with no reservation. If you have further questions, please email me or add my WeChat TimothyDuan for more details.
May your house plan is blessed, and all blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ!

Timothy Duan
What can I say, we love our house. We wanted to thank you again for the beautiful home you built us. "You're the Best". If you ever want to show the house or use us as a reference, feel free to do so.
Thanks again for everything!


Rich & Michele
Hamilton Twp. NJ
Dear Bob and All Associates,
David and I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest thanks and gratitude for building our "DREAM COME TRUE". You and everyone that works for you as a Sub-Contractor or Employee, prides themselves with kindness and always a smile. This was a major decision for us when you first stepped into our kitchen over one year ago and you made many promises of craftsmanship and quality. Well I must say what a GREAT choice we made that day. As I went around to the many homes you have built and surrounded myself with people who chose your company in the past, we still were not convinced. Now that we have completed the project, we are just elated. You are a man with pride and we can't thank you enough. It has been our pleasure working with you and hope that we can refer anyone we meet to you. Please keep in touch and thank your family for us for allowing you to work so hard at making others so happy and their dreams come true.

With Sincerest Gratitude & Appreciation,

David & Susan
Chesterfield, NJ
Dear Bob,
It was a pleasure working with you and your staff. The building of our home in Mansfield was completed in a prompt, professional manner. It was truly a treat to watch the various stages of our home being built. It grew from a deep hole in the ground to the beautiful structure it is today. Each of R.M. Associates subcontractors was very professional, patient and courteous. They should be commended for their hard work. For example, Steve, of Lathmasters, spent a great deal of time with me to explain the work he was doing. He and his staff did an impeccable job. Please also thank Timmy for his hard work and diligence. In closing, have a happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year. We cannot wait to celebrate the first Christmas in our new place.

Thanks for helping make our dreams come true.


Kings Court,
Mansfield Township, NJ
Dear Bob,
I wanted to write you a letter to let you know that we are very happy with the construction of our home in Mercerville NJ. If you remember in the beginning we were leaning toward doing a modular home, until we found you. I am so glad we did not go with the idea of a modular home. Our home is absolutely gorgeous and everyone loves it and wants it. I have had many people ask me who the builder was and I always give your name with confidence. When we first decided to go with R.M. Associates to build a new construction, all of our friends and family and people we would tell kept telling us we were making a big mistake and we would have so many headaches and problems building a house. I just want to let you know that you have proved them all wrong. We did not have one problem with you or your workers in the entire process from start to finish. If there was an issue that did come up you handled it professionally and took care of it. All of the workers were very neat and clean, and worked very hard to get their job done on time. If we were to build another home or know of anyone who would like a home built your name will be the first one we give, and if they do not choose to go with you then that is their mistake, because they would not have gone with the best. If you want to use our home or our experience as a recommendation for your future prospective clients we would be more than happy to have you do so. This has been a wonderful experience and we just wanted you to know that we are so grateful and very thankful that we met you and had you build our home.

Christine & David
Mercerville, NJ 08619
Hello Joel,
I hope you are successful with your PB meeting on the 29th, I'll contact you to see how it went after the holiday break. I have given your contact info to Bob Murdza 609-586-1513, the owner of RM associates in NJ, they are a GC with several years of self storage development experience, specifically: Multi-Story self storage and climate control. I have worked with hundreds of self storage developers over the last 22 years, RM assoc. knows how to build it right, they are also self storage owners in NJ and CT, they are accountable for providing solid advice.


Louis G.
Miller Building Systems
Flourtown, PA

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